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Rotary in the Community
Making a Difference

Rotary helps the Foodbank 

Rotary has given a significant amount of help both hands on and also financially to the Foodbank. A number of Rotarians from our club have helped on a regular basis with food deliveries to some of those in need in our local community. This has been particularly important during the Coronavirus pandemic where so may people have been struggling. 

Foodbank Collecting rotated.png
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Lets Read

Our Rotary club has given donations to Let's Read Ltd, a Woking based charity, aiming to help to improve the literacy of young people in the Woking area by giving free books to the pupils at 13 of the schools in Woking. Over the past 12 years 35,000 books have been given out. Pupils typically receive a book of their choice each term with almost a thousand books a term being distributed.

They also provide one-to-one tuition at four of Woking's primary schools, helping about sixty pupils each school year, whose schools see them as being behind in their reading skill

Lets read and we are assured every penny donated for books is used to buy books for children as all reading tutors and book-gifting staff are volunteers.

Art in Mind

We have given money to support those suffereing with Alzheimers for 'Art in Mind', a tutored art scheme at the Lightbox to benefit those with memory issues.

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Local Schools

Say it with flowers

is this lets read 2.jpeg

Our Club members joined Green fingered pupils from Goldsworth Primary school and St John's Primary school to plant 5,000 purple crocus corms in their schools grounds as part of the campaign Purple4Polio for Polio Plus.

Purple represents the colour of the dye painted on children's fingers by vaccination teams to say they have been inoculated. This offered a chance for children to learn about the dangers of Polio which is a deadly disease, and also presented a great opportunity for them to enjoy themselves while planting the bulbs.

Supporting those in need

York Road project

The 'York Road Project' workers put in much time and enthusiasm to help those without a roof over their head to set them on the right path. They endeavour to make these people feel wanted and valued, which is so much part of the battle. Shelter and assistance in other ways is provided according to their needs. An amazing project indeed.


Street Angels

The 'Street Angels', look after vulnerable people in the small hours who may be alone, lost or frightened, perhaps without the means to get home. These kind volunteers look after them so no harm befalls them.

Street Angels rotated.png

These are just a small number of the local charities we have been involved with and have helped. The list is long and we have tried hard to make a difference!

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Please contact us if you want to know more.

List of Charities and causes we have helped recently one way or another

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